Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The best apple pie!

I've neglected the blog this week - I've been baking and cooking as much as ever, but haven't had chance to write about it due to loads going on at work, and my mother in law has been really ill. Happily she's now doing very well, so I'm in a better frame of mind to blog.

We duplicated apple purchases at the weekend, so what better excuse than to make apple pie. Not just any old apple pie either, but this lovely Delia concoction. It's quite an odd sound combination - apple pie with a cheddar crust. But once you get over the sweet/savoury confusion, it really works. It's best served with warm custard poured over the top.

I use probably about two thirds of the quantity of apples that Delia suggests, as I like a thicker crust. Also, I prefer to use desert apples as I like the chunkier result to the apple filling rather than the saucey result of using a cooking apple. I used some delicious NZ Gala apples - and no-one noticed that I forgot to add sugar to the filling!

Apologies for no photos for recent posts. Photo uploader is on the blink.


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